Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke

Sales Support

Sarah grew up in England and studied fine art, sculpture, and early childhood education at university. After completing her studies, Sarah worked as a primary school teacher for 13 years, gaining valuable experience in the field of education.

With a desire for a new challenge, she transitioned into the real estate industry in 2015, joining the team at BSRE. Her experience has contributed to her strong communication and organizational skills, which have proven valuable in her role as a sales support at Byron Shire Real Estate.

Sarah’s diverse background adds a unique perspective to her work. Her creativity informs her approach to her role in the agency. Additionally, her previous teaching history aids her in effectively communicating with both vendors and buyers, ensuring a smooth and informative experience throughout the marketing and sales process.

Sarah is not only a sales support but also a fully licensed real estate agent. This professional qualification brings a significant depth of knowledge and expertise to the sales process at Byron Shire Real Estate.

Sarah's multifaceted skills contribute to her ability to effectively market properties and communicate their unique selling points to potential buyers. Her licensing as a real estate agent further enhances her ability to guide vendors and buyers throughout the sales process, providing valuable insights based on her comprehensive understanding of the industry.